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4/12. Lookin' for a Job!

Its been awhile since the last time I updated my blog. I was busy with my SPM *O-Levels* examination. The last paper is on the 9th of December. 5 more days to freedom!

I'm plannin' to get a job before going on to college.

My sister offered me this job:
Car Accessories Shop
They have supply for transport.
Get to work with cars.
Get experiences about cars before going to college.
Salary not as high as workin' at shoppin' malls.
Might get lots of scoldin'.

My mom suggested me:
Work @ Boutiques
Higher salary
More relaxin' compared to fixin' cars
Don't get to work as what I want.

I need you guys to give me comments!
Just leave a message at my shoutbox.

11/11. Graduation Day!

Venue: Sekolah Menengah Stella Maris
Time : 6am
Organizer: 5K

Graduation Day! Should I be happy? or sad? As usual, the 5K(s) selalu buat pasal! The 17 of us [Raymond; MunKit; KamWai; KaaBin; ShiHao; JoeYang; Sam; LiYing; Poey; Joey; Theng; KaiLi; Elaine; SeeHui; Caryn; WeiYi; Yau] went to Maulana to grab some food and of coz', late to school! After that, we sneak into school by usin' the canteen and escaped teachers. xD

Monitor [Theng] with the gents.

Assistant Monitor [MunKit] with the ladies.

The gents with Kang

The ladies with Kang.

Class Photo! Finally Complete.

Lecture Theater Class Photo.

In the class, we took many pictures as what other people do on their graduation day. We were gettin' crazier and crazier, from boy kissin' boy until the boys [Zhen; KaaBin; KamWai; Raymond; JoeYang; MunKit; Sam] wore skirt and ran around the school. We even walked to canteen as usual, wearing skirt! *OMFG*

From Kissin' TO

*more Picture(s) will be uploaded*

Random Moments

Group HUG!

We are not racist!

En. Mazhar and us!

5K for Life!

miss em' except for the one we are pointin' at.

Joe? High了?

The 3 emo boys.
Zhen busy writin' bank report
Alvin busy applyin' to be a Jedi
Jared finish writin' his blacklist?

Joey & LiYing

No more Father's Day for Joe!


Zhen kena 69 by KaaBin

Do not try this at home.

Zhen feel very geli coz' we touchin' his sensitive parts.

Lightest on top!

We were laughin' at KamWai's ass. Bendin' down makes it even bigger.

*thats all for now. will update more when pictures are uploaded*

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8/11. License to Drive.

Venue: Astaka Heights
Time : 1pm
Organizer: Drivin' Uncle?

Woke up at 10am, waitin' for Zhen arrival coz' I told him to join me for tuition. After his arrival, we waited for uncle to pass me my driving license. Around 1:30pm he arrived and passed the license to me. Finally got my license already! No more illegal drivin' !!

After that, Zhen and me attended the tutor. *studied maths* I hope that helped Zhen on his maths at least a little?

After 2 hrs of tuition, we went out to eat and Zhen went home after sendin' me home.

*photos will be uploaded upon request*

2/11. Sister's Bday.

Venue: Surfine
Time : 7am
Organizer: Drivin' Uncle?

One of the most biggest day for me! Driving test! Woke up around 6 in the morning, waitin' for uncle's arrival. There were 3 of us in uncle's car who is gonna take the test today. (ShiHao, ChiKan, Me) SeeHui was there too, she came to re-take her parkin', 3p turn and uphills test.

Once we reached Surfine, we still get to practice for few rounds until we have to report ourselves at the JPJ Counter. After reportin' in, they were kinda nervous but I was tryin' to joke around? tryin' to make them think of some other thing. I wasn't that nervous actually, just worryin' bout uphills. I'm afraid if I didn't stop perfectly which might fail me.

Around 9am, the pegawai(s) called our numbers and gave us tags and 2 forms with our L License pinned on it.

(These are the 2 forms)

We started off with uphills first, secondly parkin' and followed by the 3point turn.

1. First task (uphills): I hopped on to the car I'm assigned on and started the engine. After that I adjusted my seats, mirrors and moved on. I went up the hills and stopped. Signaled the pegawai *hands out the window*
and he told me to move on. I stopped at the bottom part of the hill and *free gear - handbrake* got down the car, went up to the booth and collected my form.
*lengzai ShiHao*

2. Second task (parking): After collectin' the form, I went straight to the parkin' area. I entered the 2nd lane for parkin' and handed my form to the pegawai and then I just realized that I never put my seat belts on after collectin' the form from the uphills pegawai. *OMG, lucky no one saw nothin'* my parkin' was nicely done everything fits perfectly.

3. Third task (3point turn): This is the easiest task of all. Did the turn nicely and parked my car as I told. I went to the pegawai and collected my form, he told me to head to the office to get my tests approved.

The guy in the office told me to wait outside for the next car to return from On the Road test. So I waited there and bumped into ShiHao and I told him the rides are way better than our uncle's Kancil. He agreed with me.

The car came and I gotta go do my On the Road test. Got in the car, adjusted my seat, mirrors, wiper, and signals. She told me to move on by squeezin' thru 2 cars.
*kinda easy for me coz' its not the first time I squeeze thru a car moreover this car is just a Kancil*

Did what I suppose to do and the pegawai chatted with me. I was thinkin' in mind *OMG I am so freakin' nervous now and you are askin' me questions* After doin' all the task, I was SO DAMN RELIEVED and headed to the canteen meetin' up with ChiKan. We waited for ShiHao and then uncle bring us all home.

Venue: Neway, Times Square
Time : 7pm
Organizer: Vvens

*Happy Sweet 21. 姐姐*

2nd of November, my sister's 21st bday. We went to Neway @ Times Square.

(left to right: me; mom; eric's mom; vvens)

(left to right: me; mom; vvens; eric's mom)

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